In April of 1989, Rob Ramsey opened the first Ramsey’s Diner at the corner of Woodland and High Street in Lexington, KY. He had little money, but plenty of experience and BIG dreams. The dreams led to parlaying his one store into a total of four stores and a pie shop (Missy’s), which was created mostly due to the lack of kitchen space in the restaurant. The lack of money led to a concept of used, old, wooden tables, a mix match of china, and a generally comfortable, eclectic atmosphere.

Now after thousands of bottles washed, and meals prepared for his guests, Rob has four of the most popular spots in Central Kentucky. The original Ramsey’s opened in 1989 and closed in Jan. 2014, and  has been replaced with a highly acclaimed, newer, more spacious location at 151 W. Zandale in Lexington.

Rob has built his success around diligently paying attention to every detail and building strong relationships with his employees. He realizes it is his employees along with great food that has made his restaurants successful.

Ramsey’s serves only the highest quality food using fresh vegetables, premium grade fresh meats, butter and whole cream in all his recipes. The prices allow people to eat at the restaurants several times a week.

The Ramsey’s team is committed to equaling the quality of our food with the quality of our service. If you ever feel we have failed to achieve this goal, please tell us. We will either make it right or pick up your bill.

We guarantee you the best and have for over 30 years.


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